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Cizojazyčná literatura >> A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes and Society (Science & Society)

A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes and Society (Science & Society)

A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes and Society (Science & Society)
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Název: A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes and Society (Science & Society)
Výrobce: Watson, James D.
Cena v e-shopu: 199.00 Kč

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Synopsis: Jim Watson is one of the worlds most famous scientists. A principal architect and visionary of modern biology, a Nobel Prize winner at 34, and best selling author at 40 (The Double Helix), he has been a fearless commentator on the march of DNA science and its impact on society for over twenty years. This sparkling collection was a bestseller in hardcover, and, for the paperback edition, the author has added three newly written essays containing his reflections on the survival value of pursuing happiness, advice for new college graduates, and his thoughts on the completion of a draft of the human genome, a project he initiated over ten years ago. Product Description: A Passion for DNA In 1953, two unknown scientists sparked a worldwide revolution. Studying DNA for clues to the nature of genes, James Watson and Francis Crick deduced its molecular composition and realized that the structure implied how genes were copied from one generation to another. Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2001 Publication Date: 2001 PressBinding: Paperback ook Condition: Very Good Edition: 1 Edition The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting.

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