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The complete book of herbs

The complete book of herbs
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Název: The complete book of herbs
Výrobce: Andi Clevely
Cena v e-shopu: 299.00 Kč

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Herbs have been highly prized for centuries because of their culinary, medicinal and cosmetic properties. Their popularity continues today with the modern focus on healthy living. The Complete Book of Herbs is an invaluable and comprehensive guide to home herb cultivation that everyone, from herbal enthusiasts to novice gardeners, will appreciate. The first of two main sections clearly explains both modern and traditional growing techniques for successful and rewarding gardening at home. Practical step-by-step sequences complemented by instructive color photographs demonstrate exactly how to: plan and design a beautiful herb garden; combine herbs for fragrance, healing and cooking; produce a perfect container garden; and grow and store herbs indoors. The second section is an encyclopedia that details over 150 common and lesser-known varieties of herbs, providing growing tips and essential information on their many beneficial properties. Clear information about each herb listed and their related species for instant recognition and identification is also provided. Hardcover, 256 pages Published 1994 in London Edition Language English

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